Gas Stove

Over the years, we have been using a range of cooking appliances in our homes. With modern trends, technological advancements and technology, these appliances have undergone varied changes. Gas Stoves are the first choice of every households and professional chefs owing to their easy usage. For Swift and easy cooking of food without losing stylish looks of the place, we provide high-quality range of Gas Stoves. The model is available with black tempered glass panel that makes your kitchen look beautiful and give you ease in making food as well as cleaning the surface.

Due to gas leakage of gas stoves, varied fire accidents take place. In addition, flame also goes off owing to spillage of milk and gas knobs also mistakenly remains on and other factors also are also major reasons behind the accident. Keeping in mind different safety issues linked with the conventional gas stoves, this Gas Stove is carefully designed with advanced features.

Working Principle- Gas Stove

Gas Stove is precisely designed by using modern and durable safety valve that shares the association with the flame recognition sensor. Once the user turns the knob to light the fire, the available sensor supplies the gas to ensure less chances of any accidents. When the users mistakenly forget the flame to switch Off, the installed sensors automatically supplying the gas to the burners. This ensures high safety level, where no flame is noticed by the sensors with the burner.