Gas Safety Regulator

The Reticulated Gas Systems or Piped Gas Systems are modern systems for supplying LPG in different domestic and commercial sectors for diverse purposes. They are carefully designed piped networks to ensure continuous gas supply using a central gas as well as cylinder bank. They are available with modern devices to distribute LPG to apartments, flats, and buildings with a piped network to offer complete safety in the process of distribution. Moreover, they are also ideal to save space, time, labor and money as they ensure constant supply of gas and eradicate the requirement of cylinder refill booking. In addition, the used gas amount is calculated at a suitable position in the meter.

Benefits- Reticulated Gas Systems:

  • Automatic change over
  • Ideal to operate geysers and air convectors
  • Payment is decided as per the accurate gas consumption through meter
  • Provides maximum safety in kitchens
  • Remove the need of booking cylinders as well as their refilling
  • Uninterrupted gas supply

Precautions- Reticulated Gas Systems:

  • Area should be completely fenced to limit unauthorized entry
  • Install Under Pressure Shut off Valves for providing safety to kitchens
  • Keep the place of Gas Bank completely ventilated
  • Never utilize wiring for lighting in the Gas Bank