Gas Safety Devices

In India, natural gas is popularly used in Industries and Households for providing thermal energy which is used for various purposes. However, there are few set of guidelines and safety measures that should be followed while using it, since not doing so can cause high damage to life and property, especially due to leakage. Sohum Autogas Systems Pvt. Ltd. is offering avant-garde Industrial Gas Safety Devices for various appliances (domestic, commercial and industrial). We also offer durable Cylinder Safety Devices and LPG Gas Safety Devices, to name a few. With these products, the chances of hazards are reduced as these have outstanding build quality, application specific design and material endurance.

Technical Features - Sohum Gas Safety Devices

With these devices, the problems of quick valve opening and longer time for valve reopening can be solved via automatic closing of valve. Also, the path of valve is easy to clean. Few other features are:

Unique design to do away with the dangers caused due to interruption of gas supply. In case of leakage, the gas supply is automatically cut off.
Saving of nearly 20% gas and automatic closure of valve
Gas pressure can be adjusted manually
Superior performance, quick installation and less maintenance
Presence of lost-motion type connection between valve and diaphragm
Controlling elements include indicators for less gas.
Components are durable and avant-garde such as Diaphragm, Housing, Conduit, Valve, Inlet & Outlet Port etc.