Gas Regulators

Sohum Gas Regulators are a type of industrial gas equipments that are used to regulate the flow of air, natural gas or LPG. These are ideal for industrial as well as commercial use for regulating and adjusting the pressure, hence avoid dangerous conditions that may occur because of uncontrollable and unstable pressure. The purpose / role of gas regulators is in ensuring that the output pressure is sustained at a constant value. Few application areas are aerospace, air compressors, aircraft, cooking, gas powdered vehicles and lessening of water pressure. We offer the range in three types - REG-0201, REG-0202 and REG-0203. These can also be used in industries of gas, oil and mining. All our gas regulators can be identified / differentiated and selected on the few specific parameters such as flow rate, inlet connection, inlet pressure, outlet connection and outlet pressure. REG-0202 has unique attribute of OPSO (Over pressure Shut Off).

Installing & Using Gas Regulator

When using any of our offered gas regulator, make sure you have secured you cylinder. It is important to select an appropriate regulator for the cylinder. Start by removing the cylinder valve cap. When screwing this regulator, make sure you have shut the regulator outlet valve. Screw this regulator until it seats and finger tight. Now slowly open the valve and regulator outlet valve to regulate the flow of gas. The control element of the regulator allows to reduce inlet pressure to outlet pressure.


Many common uses of the gas regulators are:

  • Home heating furnace
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Pneumatic automation system
  • Gas cylinder in labs

Material Selection

Our company select the best material for making gas regulators. Customers must consider the regulator of a specific material based on the chemical properties of the gas or fluid to be used, and temperature.