Gas Handling Equipments

Sohum Autogas Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a name to trust for buying Gas Handling Equipments for maximizing productivity. The range we design is apt for gas handling applications in areas, like:

R&D Equipment
Nuclear Plant

All industries that use specialty gases can use our equipment. The benefits of selecting an equipment from our range are many, for instance:

Purity of gases
Correct gas flow
Correct delivery pressure

Pressure reducing skids in the range works to reduce the stream pressure at desired level. This packaged station can be used for reducing pressure in liquid and gas distribution pipelines. People can opt for CNG cylinder testing plant, if they want to test the CNG cylinder to ensure safety. These tests are performed for detecting the possible defects. On the other hand, our CNG cylinder retesting plant can be used to test all kinds of cylinder according to guidelines of PESO. Our Reticulated piped gas system in the range can be used in industrial equipment, like water heater, furnace, generators, etc., to supply the gas continuously. This system is now used in homes as well. Customers can also opt for Reticulated gas systems for continuous gas supply, automatic changeover, low pressure level in pipes, etc. This system is adopted to supply LPG to buildings, homes, flats and apartments. The pipes network created is completely safe and secure. With this system installed, many people are relieved from the tasks of booking cylinders and refilling on regular basis.

Each and every equipment in our range is a result of extensive research work. The goals of designing this line is to provide utmost safety, while saving time, space, labor and money.

As a reliable name in the gas handling equipment manufacturing field, we have the capability to supply equipment throughout the country and have tied with companies for quick and efficient delivery service to remote and faraway areas.