Gas Control Equipments

Sohum Gas Control Equipment are ideal for providing a perfect mix of specialty and high purity gases. Mostly used in applications involving refillable and non-refillable gases, these have inbuilt, light weight regulators that are used for gas mixtures supplied in cylinders. We offer a series of regulators for all types of gases, as few gases require less flow whereas CO2 and other gases need a regulator to avoid freezing and related problems. Flowmeter is a type of gas control equipment offered by us. It is used for measuring the flow rate of gas in a precision manner. The range includes:

  • Cylinder valves
  • Fine control valve
  • Single and multi stage pressure regulator

Need for Gas Control Equipments

These equipment can be custom built depending upon the requirement and application of customers. Pressure regulators in the range are used to reduce the gas pressure in high-pressure gas cylinders. By using this device, users can be assured of maintaining gas purity, reducing the risk of equipment failure and personal injury. Both safety and processes effectiveness are the reasons one must use these equipment. Several options are available in each type of gas control equipment. Interested customers can consult us in the selection procedure.


Commercial and Industrial sectors that can use these equipment for controlling the flow of gas, include the following:

  • Petroleum & chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & beverages
  • Power generation
  • Research labs
  • Engineering & fabrication
  • Construction & maintenance
  • Hospitals & medical care establishments

Many well-known national and international organizations have opted for our gas control equipments. Their design, compatibility, reliability and conformity with ISO 9001:2008 standards make them highly suitable for all kinds of working environments.