Cylinder Safety Device


Buyer Guide:

Product Code: GSD
Model Number: SOHUM GSD
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier
Product Name: Cylinder Safety Device
Place of Origin: Pune, Maharashtra
Year of Establishment: 2005
Usage Residential, Industrial, Domestic
Supplying Ability: We can take/supplies Bulk orders
Export Markets Bangladesh, Philippines, Africa
Payment Terms: Cash / Credit/ T/T ,L/C
Type: Gas Safety Device
Certification: ISO 9001 standards
FOB Price: Negotiable, Sent by mail
Min. Order: As per requirement
Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Detail: Safe packaging as per Industrial & International standard
Delivery Detail: Timely delivery of consignments after confirming order & payment
Shipment By: Sea, Air, Cargo



This SOHUM GSD device sold under the brand name "SOHUM AUTOGAS" is intended to be used in homes, offices, factories, and all other places where cylinder is used. This cylinder safety device developed following the rules and regulations mentioned in ISO 9001 standards, has inlet and outlet connection, regulator, gauge and other components. This safety device is developed in-house and provided with a guarantee to work efficiently and prevent any mishap due to gas leakage.

It is must to use this device if you want to:

  • Save gas
  • Regulate pressure
  • Detect minor leaks
  • Indicate low gas

Auto shut off in case of major leakage, temperature change and excess flow This cylinder safety device also shuts off the supply of gas from cylinder at an event of major gas leakage at times when tube catches fire, tube ruptures or regulator fails to function properly. The simple structure of the device allows the users to install it easily on the cylinder.