CNG Cylinder Testing Plant

CNG is carefully filled at a very high pressure in a hard-wearing, seamless and durable Cylinder. The pressure is remained between 150 to 200 bar to guarantee suitable and leakage proof filling. Once the cylinder is filled, it is kept in huge and safe warehousing units to deliver to different parts of the country for domestic and various commercial applications. As this cylinder has to endure adverse weather and other conditions during the stages of loading, storing, transporting and unloading, it has to be strong and robust. It should be the combination of sturdiness and heavy-duty structure to ensure to provide leakage proof performance with complete safety.

To provide the clients with qualitative cylinders having high-end features, it is tested using hydrostatic cylinder test system installed at any CNG Cylinder Testing Plant. The cylinder is tested from time to time for diverse visual damages like weight loss, leakage, sturdiness, elasticity, etc. to ensure complete safety.

Features-CNG Cylinder Testing Plant:

  • Maintenance free equipment to ensure complete satisfaction
  • Hydrostatic cylinder test systems for precise testing and results
  • Designed to detect varied defects for safe usage
  • Complete testing set-up to carry out Hydraulic tests